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Seasonal Worker Supplier
for Horticulture

Regency Recruitment are licensed by the GLAA (Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority License No REGE0004) in UK with an ambition to recruit from significant climate victim Commonwealth Countries in South East Asia -  in partnership with ethero ltd, the UK Seasonal Worker Scheme Operator License Holder (License No BNFPPR3R7) trading as TELPASC The ethical labour providers and skills Consortium).

For 2025 seasonal requirements - Farmers & Growers, please contact for placing seasonal workers' orders.

ESM - European Skill Migration Project

According to European Commission (20th March 2024) labour and skills shortages are on the rise in all EU Member States. Nearly two thirds (63%) of small and medium-sized businesses said in a recent survey that they cannot find the talent they need. In addition, the Commission has identified 42 occupations which have shortages.

Regency Recruitment are working with partners in Europe to help unlock the EU’s growth potential, support its competitiveness, and provide better opportunities for all to reach its 2030 headline targets on skills and employment, i.e. at least 78% of the population aged 20 to 64 should be in employment, and 60% of adults participating in yearly training.

Ethical Recruitment Charter

In recognition of the fundamental rights and dignity of all individuals, and with a profound commitment to promoting ethical labour and skill migration and eradicating the harmful practices that have marred the recruitment landscape, we, the undersigned stakeholders, unite to establish this "Charter for Ethical Recruitment in South East Asia."

With unwavering resolve, we acknowledge the pressing need to address the rampant involvement of unscrupulous third parties and the devastating scourge of excessive bribe charges faced by job seekers aspiring to work in the West. This charter will serve as our collective pledge to uphold principles of fairness, transparency, and justice in the recruitment process.

Our vision is clear: to create an environment where every job seeker's dreams are realised without fear of exploitation or extortion. By fostering cooperation, accountability, and respect for the rights of individuals seeking employment abroad, we aspire to build a future where ethical recruitment practices flourish, and the cycle of abuse is broken.

"Your safe, sustainable, and ethical worker supplier for UK & Europe"

 At Regency Recruitment Ltd, our mission is to establish a prominent global workforce ecosystem grounded in safe, ethical and sustainable recruitment practices. We specialise in recruiting skilled and semi-skilled workers from diverse backgrounds in South East Asian commonwealth countries.

Naseem Talukdar